Hermes Green (IPF) System

Hermes Green (IPF) System using Impregnated Polymeric Fibre Material (Flexible)

  • Place die on the moulding tray.
  • Apply or spray on a suitable release agent on the metal die.
  • Pre-heat the master die in the press to the required moulding temperature.
  • Place bearers on either side of metal die.
  • Cut the required number of sheets of Green IPF material to the size needed.
  • Peel the protective film from all the IPF sheets
  • Place the cut Green IPF material in a stack on top of the die.
  • Cover the Green IPF material with IPF release film (if required).
  • Slide Moulding Tray into the moulding press, and close the platens to pressure.
  • Heat cure for the required time.
  • Remove from press and cool.
  • When cold remove from die and trim as required.