Commercial Applications

Commercial Uses of Embossing

Most commercial applications for embossing tends to be aesthetic.

  • It is quite popular to embossing paper objects like Cards, Letter Writing Paper and Envelops Thank You Notes, Invitation Cards, Paper Gift Bags, Greetings Cards and other kinds of paper or card based stationery. All it needs is a small-embossed design to make the product more appealing and would result in increased sales.
  • Hot embossing (branding) is a great method for personalizing gifts like a leather wallet and or a diary. The name or a message can be embossed on the gift to make the recipient feel extra special and increase the perceived value of the gift.
  • Emboss fabrics for manufacturing clothing, curtains, cushion covers and other household furnishings and add another dimension to the product.
  • Embossing business cards, greeting cards, book covers and packaging are probably the largest applications of embossing. Embossed letterheads, cards and office stationery are often used by large corporations to portray a professional and yet stylish look.
  • Embossing is used extensively for the blind, with books embossed in braille and more and more consumer products having information in braille particularly warnings and hazards.
  • Embossing is widely used on credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, membership cards and so forth. This type of embossing tends to be alphanumeric and uses steel dies or type. Plastic cards are normally embossed using a manual or computer controlled feed and emboss machine.
  • Embossing is used extensively by advertising and marketing companies. It is widely used on promotional materials, freebies and giveaways and so forth. Embossing allows for a brand to be imprinted in a stylish and unobtrusive way.
  • Embossing is widely used on fabrics for everything from curtains, drapes, cushion covers and bed spreads to shirts, dresses, caps and casual wear and much more.
  • Embossing is also widely used in the bookbinding trade. Repairing classic leather bound books to binding and Embossing new ones.

Industrial Applications

Industrial Uses of Embossing

Most industrial applications for Embossing tends to be Functional.

  • Membrane key pads is a good example of industrial embossing
  • Braille signs
  • Signs
  • Hazard Labels etc.