General Introduction

Embossing, Debossing and Counterforce Platemaking Systems. Make Embossing Dies, Plates, Cliche easily and quickly. This website has been designed to enlighten you to the exotic world of visual communications techniques, and to be inspired by the possibilities. Learn how to create a lasting impression that gets results, and sets you apart from all the rest.

Thousands of new products and services are launched into the market daily. One of the best ways to have your products and or business noticed is by designing your products and its packaging to stand out in the crowd. If your products are not noticed you will not achieve critical mass to make it viable. A vibrant print design and or dynamic packaging helps, but taking it that one or two steps farther could pay serious dividends.

People want good quality, well designed products with minimum but effective packaging, sold at competitive prices. Hot Foil printing and Embossing are excellent processes to enhance your products and or its packaging to help your business, product or services to be noticed. Lithography, Flexography, letterpress, Gravure, Screen printing, Pad Printing and even Digital printing will produce a “me to” result. Spot UV will enhance the printed item but is expensive and is usually limited to expensive brochures and such.

Un-shackle yourself from the bonds of limitation and stand apart from the crowd, by using print finishing techniques that leap off the page with vivid colours, relief, textures and dimensions:

  • Hot Foil Printing
  • Embossing and or De-bossing
  • Combination Hot Foil Printing and Embossing / De-bossing
  • Holography

Hot Foil printing, projects the look of quality and richness, while Embossing projects quality and sophistication. Combine the two and the amalgamation of colour relief and texture can be positively dazzling.

In contrast Holograms, provoke curiosity and awareness as they involve the reader in an interactive visual experience that is not achievable with conventional print techniques. Amazingly these rich and elegant effects can be achieved, for the same cost or less, than the cost of offset printing.

The investment in these technologies is well justified by the greater impact, enhanced perceptions and more favourable marketing responses it will help you to achieve.

Hot Foil printing and or Embossing will greatly enhance the look and feel of Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Greetings Cards, Labels, Boxes (packaging), and much more.

These techniques, coupled with the different types and designs of Dies, Foils, and colours including Holographic Foils, Holograms, and so forth can create a nearly endless variety of visual effects.