Troy Two part Epoxy Resin System

Troy Two part Epoxy Resin System:

  • Dispense and mix part A epoxy resin and Part B hardener onto a mixing container in the required proportion and mix thoroughly.
  • Liberally spray a suitable release spray onto the image area and the whole face of the die /dup(s) and allow to dry.
  • Pour the well mixed resin into the image area and spread using a suitable spatula.
  • Remove any air bubbles in the resin mix.
  • Place fibreglass board on top of the die /dup(s).
  • Place the die/dup with the resin and fibreglass preparation into a vulcanising press and bring up to press and mould.
  • Alternatively place preparation in a clamp system and leave to cure for the required time. The cure time can be accelerated by placing the clamp system in an industrial oven and “bake” for the required time.
  • On completion of the cure cycle, release pressure and remove from the vulcanising press or open clamp system and separate the counterforce from the die.