Make-ready and Overlay Materials

Make-ready and Overlay Materials

General Information

When hot foil printing, the printing foil is not the only product that determines if a good quality print is achievable. The same applied to embossing in that it is not only the quality of the die and the counterforce that determines the quality of the embossing. A suitable make-ready material should always be used on the print platen of your embossing – hot foil printing machine.

The key to successful embossing and or foiling is uniform pressure across the face of the die. Even the best quality precision dies made by the best engraving companies are subject to manufacturing tolerances and with time, die wear. The flatness of the platen on the print-embossing machine is also subject to wear and tear as are the bearing and mechanical parts.

These factors and many more could cause the printing and or embossing quality, to not be optimal. The counterforce die and or the make-ready is / are required to compensate for any thickness tolerance to ensure a uniform impression onto the substrate resulting in achieving complete foil transfer and or embossing and ensuing maximum detailing across the full die face.

To select the best make-ready for the print and or embossing run is determined by a number of factors, such as the size of print and or embossing, the intricate detail of the design, the substrate to print onto etc.

All the make readies are placed onto the print bed / platen to assist when setting the job up.